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When Dental Implants Fail! - What are my options?

The results you can expect from your implant treatment have just as much to do with the surgeon as it does with your general and oral health.

Lot of dentists will be willing to place implants in your mouth. Take into account their level of experience and expertise within the field.

It is very important that you consider all these factors and the necessary supportive treatments are provided to make your dental implants successful.

This could be improving your oral hygiene, removing infection to placing a bone graft to ensure enough bone is in place for the implant.

Problems do arise even in the most expert of hands, it is how those problems are dealt with that gives

Nigel Saynor our implant surgeon has placed / restored thousands of implants successfully.

Successful Dental Implant treatment

Once the implants have integrated, (knitted to the bone ) signifying that no problems or failure have resulted thus far. Problems can arise in other biological areas such as in the hard or soft tissues or in the restorative components, resulting in mechanical failure.

It is ideal that the overall condition of your teeth and gums and overall health of your mouth is sound before the treatment begins.

Taking care of any issues or problems before dental implant placement, can increase chances of a success and a trouble free outcome.

The results of your treatment will have as much to do with the treating dentist as the health of your mouth and your general health.

There are many dentists willing to place implants into your mouth. Take into account their experience and expertise within the field.

Are dentists experts in Dental Implants or just experts in social media and marketing.

Are you driven by cost only? If you think employing a professional is expensive, wait until employ amateur!

It is important to the longterm success of your treatment that all these factors are taken into consideration.

We can also advise you if you should seek legal redress and provide you with a no obligation expert or second opinion.