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Welcome to the North West Centre for Dental Implant Repairs.

We are one of the only Dental Implant Practices in the North West covering Greater Manchester, Lancashire, South Manchester and Cheshire that has the experience to deal with the problems associated with failed or failing Implants. With over 30 years of clinical know how and over 5000 implants placed / restored you can rely on us to find a solution to your dental implant problems.

Generally speaking the results you can expect from Dental Implant treatment can be considered to be reasonably predictable and successful and has as much to do with the skill and experience of the surgeon as it does with your general and / or oral health.

In the UK and across Europe any dentist can place dental implants in your mouth irrespective of training.

Some courses to teach dentists to place implants can literally last the weekend!
Budget Dental Implants and Dental Tourism carry significant risks, which are very well documented.

Ask your dentist what is their level of experience how long they have been placing implants, how many have they placed and their success rates. Get it in writing!
This could be important if things go wrong and you have to resort to the law for redress.
Would you trust a heart surgeon that does 10 operations per year or the surgeon who carries out the procedures regularly !

Dr Nigel Saynor has placed / restored thousands of implants with a success rate of 98% plus. Nigel also lectures extensively on the subject of dental implants and is considered a pioneer in the field. Nigel has been an Honorary Clinical Tutor on the Masters Degree in Implantology at the University of Manchester for over 8 years